Jason works with entrepreneurs and business leaders to generate new and important ideas, create new business models, and innovate new products and services. To develop such things as prototypes, products, websites, experiences, environments, brands, systems, and organizations. Jason helps clients better understand their strengths and weaknesses to refine concepts into compelling opportunities.
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Jason Tennenhouse is most recently VP of Design of Spensa Precision Ag Insights in Purdue's Research Park, Founder of Greyhouse Coffee & Supply co., Founder of GreyMob Idea Accelerator, Co-Founder of MatchBOX Coworking Studio, and head of Research & Development for Campus House. He was recently named Top 10 Under 40 Business Professionals (Tippy Connect, 2014). Jason considers himself a designer and business strategist, and strives to apply those skills to make our community and the world a little bit better place.

Jason has also recently consulted for Google to help them build their new Googleplex, and served the White House's Obama Administration as a Champion of Making to conceive of new national policy to encourage innovation and a making culture.



Earning his academic degrees from Purdue University, Jason studied Industrial Design, Psychology, Business, and Philosophy, and helped pioneer the school’s Entrepreneurial Industrial Design Graduate program.  He went on to work for The Indianapolis Children’s Museum, the largest children’s museum in the world, as an exhibit designer where he created several permanent pieces.  While moonlighting, Jason went on to start two different product design firms of his own.  He also worked for a time at a creative Think Tank in Chicago contributing to concepts for hundreds of new toys.  Jason then joined the Research & Development team of a large St. Louis toy company as a leader in concept design.  His work has been part of several design and engineering patents and has been published internationally.  



Jason is a Strategic Partner of Purdue Marketing & Media, frequently lectures in the undergraduate and graduate Business programs at Purdue University, is a guest instructor in the School of Technology, and is a guest instructor and participant in multiple NSF grants in Mechanical Engineering at Purdue. He has also been recruited to be a Fulbright Specialist to India and was the lead-off speaker at TEDx, a recent Entrepreneurial Bootcamp for Veterans, and the subject of the Global Entrepreneurship Program engagement initiative.




Jason also currently serves as a Director on half a dozen boards, including the Greater Lafayette Chamber of Commerce, consults for the Public Art Team for the City of West Lafayette, and has commissioned and designed two 12’ steel sculptures for the City. He also consults for the Community Commitment to Education Read to Succeed initiative, advises multiple student organizations, and is Chairman of the LafayetTECH startup collective. 



Jason has helped start dozens of nonprofit initiatives supporting things like local arts and music, literacy, hunger relief locally and abroad, international fair trade, access to clean drinking water, and medical work in the developing world.  He has served as relief worker in Mexico and Rwanda, Africa.  Jason has written a book on philosophy and was a key collaborator on a second.



Jason played collegiate lacrosse, holds his Advanced SCUBA diving certification, has been an NCAA EMT, a Volunteer Firefighter with WTFD, a HAZMAT Technician, and is a Department of Homeland Security Incident Commander.  He and his wife also renovated their 130 year-old house, which then earned recognition as a Historic Wabash Valley Trust Home. 


Jason and his wife, Diane, are the proud parents of three girls, including twins.